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-   ABOUT US  -

At our farm we focus on preserving homestead traditions in the modern world. We sell sustainably raised meats, vegetables, eggs, canned items, homemade teas, and other items at our local farmers markets.


Kudrle Farms began in the summer of 2015. We have been raising free range chickens for the last few years, and decided to make farming a larger part of our life and business. We currently sell delicious  non-GMO Free Range meat, non-GMO Free Range eggs, and homemade pickles, jams, salsas, and more. We sell syrup from our local Maple trees and honey from our personal hives.

We believe in the importance of free-ranging animals along with a high quality grain feed.  Animals that are allowed to forage on green plants, insects, and grubs are healthier because it is their natural diet, and taste much better than store-bought meat often injected with saline solution for taste. Our chickens are not given antibiotics or hormones, and no chemicals are used on our farms. We treat our animals holistically with items such as diatomaceous earth, epsom salts, and oregano oil. We process all of our meat at our facility, one animal at a time,  in a very sanitary setting. Animals can also be sold live if you would like to do your own processing. 

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